Sykes Seafood

Full-Stack Developer



Back-End Developer

Building features to support the sales team to sell the product to a wider range of clients.

  • Implemented a recruitment platform
  • Lead development of a data bulk import tool
  • Maintained cloud infrastructure using Azure Portal
  • Held a knowledge sharing event on error handling
  • Maintenance of the CI/CD pipeline
  • Documented API contracts using Swagger and Redoc



Senior Software Engineer

Integration of third-party payment APIs to expand the product to new regions. Migration of CI/CD pipeline. Implemented improvements to the software architecture.

  • Creation of microservices to wrap third-party APIs
  • Maintained cloud infrastructure using the AWS Console
  • Creation and maintenance of Docker images to host the applications
  • Maintenance of the CI/CD pipeline
  • Made continuous improvements to the software architecture
  • Held and attended knowledge sharing sessions with the team
  • Organised a successful community event for dotnetconf
  • Made changes to front-end projects as required to reduce context switching for the dedicated front-end teams
  • Documented key components of the software architecture
  • Contributed to the creation of a reporting system that would allow other business departments to subscribe to payment notifications



.NET Developer

Assisted with the migration of customers away from the legacy product through a data import tool and by increasing feature parity. Introduced tooling to process GDPR requests.

  • Added tooling into the product to allow customers to self-service GDPR requests
  • Created an Android app for clocking employees in and out
  • Assisted efforts to move from AngularJS to React
  • Configured NuGet package repository for internal use
  • Enhanced accuracy of reports generated by the product
  • Introduced product team to React



.NET Developer

Implemented an automatic billing system to reduce manual work by the accounting team. Created a solution to allow affiliates to host a custom website and track their conversions through a portal.

  • Implemented an automatic billing process including invoice generation and submission of payments through a third-party
  • Built a system to allow affiliates to host websites with us and track their conversion rates through a portal
  • Created an internal microservice with opt-out functionality to wrap an external SMS API
  • Introduced team to JavaScript toolchains


RAC Cars

.NET Developer

Continuing from Netcars I focused on helping with the rebranding of the website. In addition, I was tasked with key features which would increase the value of the offering for both merchants and customers.

  • Helped with a complete rebranding of the website following the acquisition
  • Implemented a feature to enable customers to perform vehicle valuations and thus increasing the conversion rate and user engagement
  • Continued maintenance on the vehicle importer
  • Implemented an email templating system to allow the merchants to send custom-branded emails through the product
  • Business as usual tasks to extend the internal CRM to support the support team



Junior .NET Developer

Learned to apply the .NET Framework in a professional setting by working alongside the lead developer to grow my skills and learn to make small contributions to projects until I could work independently and eventually deliver more fundamental changes.

  • Helped reskin the website using Bootstrap
  • Helped overhaul the customer portal to a newer project type
  • Extended vehicle importer console application to increase stock on the website and support new customers
  • Spiked out and helped converted the vehicle search to operate from MongoDB